Quilt - Large

New Donation - Family Quilt

Recently Karen Lehman donated this family heirloom that had always been on her mother's bed. This quilt has the names of individuals from the Town of Niles and perhaps, surrounding towns. Each name is written in India Ink on the pieces of the quilt blocks. Anyone with information as to when something like this was made or if there were quilting bees in the town, is encouraged to contact the historian. We would love to know more about this!

Click this link to see a list of the names on the quilt.


quilt block with Truman Dewitt's name in middle square

New Historical Marker installed at New Hope Church

Joan Jayne Supervisor_Lorie DeWitt-Antilla Historian and Don DeWitt with installed sign

Photo: Joan Jayne, Town Supervisor, Lorie DeWitt-Antilla, Town Historian and Don DeWitt, installer extraordinaire

The new "Legends and Lore" historical marker telling of how New Hope got it's name has been installed at the New Hope Church on 41A. Special Thanks to Don DeWitt, who presented this request to the church trustees to see if there was any interest in having the marker installed on the church grounds (it was a unanimous YES vote!) Don and his grandson Tyler Karlick  then took on the task of digging the hole for the pole. Not an easy process in Niles where we are build on layer after layer of shale.

Mr. DeWitt and Town Historian Lorie DeWitt-Antilla then installed the pole and the sign. It is quite visible from the roadway and I hope that it will be read for many years from here on out.

Special Thanks to the Pomeroy Foundation for providing the funding and accepting our grant application!

The historian's office is located in the basement of the Niles Town Hall. We are open Thursday evening's from 4-7pm.

The current historian is Lorie DeWitt-Antilla and can be reached at:

  • Historian@townofnilesny.gov
  • 315-849-1484